Big bags

Big bags

NNZ Big bags are designed to meet the specific needs of producers in the feed, food, and non-food sectors and provide a convenient and secure way to transport and store bulk materials, ensuring maximum protection and efficient handling.

Big bag solutions

With our extensive expertise in industrial packaging, we offer a wide range of high-quality Big bags designed to meet your specific needs. We ensure that your Big bags are delivered when you need them, allowing you to optimize your production process.

We understand the importance of reliable packaging in the food, feed, and non-food sectors. That’s why we are committed to delivering high-quality Big bags that meet the strictest quality standards. Partnering with NNZ means benefiting from our expertise in industrial packaging and gaining access to top-notch Big bags that provide maximum protection and convenience. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let us assist you in finding the perfect Big bags for your business.

4 Loop Power Lift® 4-Loop Bulk bags

The 4-Loop Bulk bag, Power-Lift® is the ultimate solution for efficient packaging, transportation, and storage of powders, granules, and minerals. With its versatile design and cost-effective production method, this bag offers multitasking capabilities and ensures the secure handling of various materials.

4-Loop Bulk bags, Power-Lift®
Formstable Power Lift®, Q Bag Q-bag, Formstable Bulk bags

The Q-bag, a square-shaped Bulk bag, Power-Lift®, is the ideal choice for filling and transporting free-flowing substances. Its sewn-in internal section ensures stability, maintaining the bag's original external dimensions and minimizing bulging. With Q-bags, you can save substantial space during transportation and storage while confidently packaging fine powder, minerals, chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Q-bag, Formstable Bulk bags, Power-Lift®
chemicals&building-19005-FIBC-big-bag-bulk-kuubzak-NNZ Big bags for construction materials

Big bags are the perfect solution for packaging and transporting aggregate, sand, and construction site waste. With their durable construction and large capacity, these bags ensure secure containment and easy handling.

Big bags for construction materials
One loop Big Bag 1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags

The 1-Loop and 2-Loop Power-Lift® Bulk bags are the ultimate choice for efficient packaging of a wide range of materials including fertilizers, chemicals, grains, seeds, and more. With their versatile lifting options, they enable the simultaneous lifting of multiple bags, saving time and effort. Experience the unbeatable combination of cost-effectiveness and high carrying capacity with Power-Lift® Bulk bags.

1-Loop and 2-Loop Bulk bags, Power-Lift®
Static protective Bulk bag Conductive Bulk bags

Prevent the risk of fire or explosion during the filling, transport, and unloading of bulk materials by using the conductive Power-Lift® Bulk bag. NNZ offers this bag in four classifications (types A, B, C, and D) to ensure safe packaging of combustive powder and products, food and pharmaceuticals, minerals, and chemicals.

Conductive Bulk bags, Power-Lift®
Bulk Bag Liner Bulk bags with liners

Protect your valuable products against contamination, moisture, and oxygen with the versatile range of liners available for Power-Lift® Bulk bags. NNZ offers a selection of liners, including PE (insulating, conductive, antistatic), PE/Al (conductive, insulating, antistatic), and PE/EVOH (insulating and antistatic), ensuring customized solutions for your specific application needs.

Bulk bags with liners, Power-Lift®
potatoes-16503-FIBC-big-bag-bulk-power-lift-NNZ Ventilated Bulk bags for produce

Keep perishable goods fresh during storage and transportation with ventilated Power-Lift® Bulk bags. Designed with ventilation strips and available in various constructions, they prevent temperature shock and maintain optimal product conditions for items like potatoes, onions, and fruits.

Ventilated Bulk bags for produce, Power-Lift®
Ventilert Power-Lift® til tømmer, Log-Lift® Ventilated Bulk bags for wood logs

Log-Lift®, ventilated Bulk bag, is the ultimate solution for transporting, storing, and drying wood logs. With its ventilated design and UV-proof material, this specially designed Log-Lift® Bulk bag ensures optimal air circulation and protection, making it ideal for both indoor drying chambers and outdoor drying.

Ventilated Bulk bags for wood logs, Log-Lift®

Bulk Transport and Storage

In the realm of bulk transport and storage, the Big bag is indispensable. These industrial bags are synonymous with both durability and efficiency, making them the top choice for businesses in the food, feed, and other sectors. They are specifically designed to safely transport and store a wide range of dry products.

Advantages of Big bags:

  1. Flexibility: These bags can be tailored to various materials, sizes, and capacities, making them versatile in use.
  2. Durability: Thanks to their sturdy materials, Big Bags can handle heavy loads without any risk of tearing or breaking.
  3. Cost-saving: Big Bags offer a financial advantage compared to many traditional storage and transport methods.
  4. Environmentally Conscious: Many of these bags are reusable, helping to reduce waste.
Big Bags Production FIBC chemicals&building-19004-FIBC-big-bag-bulk-kuubzak-NNZ 2021 Collega’s Magazijn Groningen (3)

Various Applications of Big Bags

• Agriculture: Ideal for transporting grains, seeds, and fertilizers.
• Construction: Efficient for transporting sand, gravel, and cement.
• Chemistry: Perfect for the safe transport of powders and chemicals.
• Mining: Suitable for transporting minerals and ores.
• Wood: Protects wood from potential damage and keeps it clean during transport.
• Animal Feed: Ensures safe storage and minimizes contamination risks.

NNZ and Quality

If reliability and efficiency are high on your list, then NNZ’s Big bags are your perfect solution. With our years of experience in industrial packaging, we guarantee the best products on the market. Contact us today and discover the many benefits.

chemicals&building-17006-FIBC-big-bag-bulk-Qbag-power-lift-NNZ chemicals&building-19005-FIBC-big-bag-bulk-kuubzak-NNZ One loop Big Bag Big Bags
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