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Press release: TEAG Textil-Emballagen AG from Switzerland joins the NNZ Group

Dato: 1 juli 2015

On 1 July 2015, TEAG from Basle (Switzerland) and supplier of packaging to the Swiss market allied itself to the NNZ Group. It will continue its activities under its current TEAG name.

TEAG is a renowned packaging company in Switzerland that was incorporated in 1914 - in other words it can boast more than 100 years of experience in packaging. It all started with repairing used jute bags and since those early days TEAG has developed into a company with a comprehensive productportfolio in jute packaging, FIBCs, PP bags and Net packaging for the agricultural and industrial sector.

The NNZ Group is an international company with 17 branches in 16 countries in Europe, the United States, Canada and South Africa and now also in Switzerland.
Its head office is based in the Netherlands.

NNZ supplies a broad range of packaging for the agricultural and industrial sector. The company is also increasingly active in developing new packaging ideas - at its own initiative or in response to demand, an issue or market developments. NNZ works closely together with an international network of purchasers, suppliers, manufacturers, packaging companies, distributors, scientific institutes and governments. NNZ has achieved a number of international packaging awards with its innovations.

TEAG's clients will continue to be supplied with packaging in the same way and with the same customary levels of service and quality. NNZ's complete product range will now also be available to TEAG, and the Innovation Department is keen to start developing products for the Swiss market.

For further information, please contact:

NNZ bv                                                TEAG Textil-Emballagen AG
Postbus 104                                         Herr Fabian Günzburger
9700 AC Groningen                             Reinacherstrasse 101
The Netherlands                                  CH-4018 Basle
T +31 (0)50 520 7800                          Switzerland
F +31 (0)50 520 7801                          T +41 61 337 89 89
E info@nnz.nl                                     F +41 61 337 89 80
                                                             E info@teag.ch
                                                             W www.teag.ch


NNZ er et multinasjonalt selskap som har vært eid og drevet av Boot-familien siden 1922. De ansatte lager emballasjeløsninger for kundene i ferskvare- og industrimarkedet.
I 1922 begynte NNZ å handle med juteposer fra "Pakhuis Libau" i Groningen (Nederland), og det ble starten på en familiebedrift med internasjonale ambisjoner.
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NNZ har et tett samarbeid med partnere i 40 andre land for å levere emballasjeløsninger til kunder over hele verden.